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Welcome one and all to Bargain Budget Baking  and other useful budget friendly ideas for the single parent.

Please be patient as I get this blog up and running.  I have many things to add with only limited hours in the day.

Now don’t let the title sway you into thinking that just because you are not a single parent that you too can’t enjoy my offerings.  This blog is to help everyone but because I, myself, am a single parent I thought it would be fitting to help others in a similar situation.

You can read more about me & my blog here and how to move around my blog here.


Easy Mashed Eggs

Who hates the mess from trying to mash eggs when the kids want Egg Sandwiches?  Well a little secret my ex mother in law showed me.  Grate them. Yes with a regular grater. I find it so easy to do it this way.  Also most graters have a slicer on it for if you prefer to slice your eggs.  Do you have any useful tips for slicing or mash eggs?Image

Dinner Rolls with a difference

I found a great little recipe for Dinner Rolls and found them to be super easy to make, super cheap to make and so surprisingly delicious even the kids loved them.  I have heard them be called Grandma’s Mayo Rolls, Poor Man’s Rolls, Mayonnaise Rolls, Speedy Rolls even Mayonnaise Biscuits.  I actually like the term “Poor Man’s Rolls” as it tells you in the title that you don’t need to have lot’s of money to make them. Continue reading

What, when, who, why, where & how?

Ok so after posting a few recipes & tips I would like to know…

What is it you want to get out of this blog?

ImageWhen do/would you most likely come & use this blog?

Who are you (parent, single, couple)?

Why this blog?

Where do you see this blog going?

How would you like to see this blog develop to your needs?

I will continue to post recipes & handy hints but would love to cater for my followers also.  Is there something in particular that you would like for me to post? Would you like more “How-to’s” or more helpful hints & tips?  Would you like my step-by-step guide to building a bookcase out of a broken bed-base?

Any comments, questions or ideas feel free to leave me a comment.  I want this blog to be helpful to you all but I need to know who you are.

Thank you for being you 🙂 << Was that too much? Too corny?

Homemade Chalk

Don’t throw out those empty eggshells rinse them well & let them dry on the dish rack while you make whatever it is your making.  The more shells the better.  Let’s recycle (or upcycle) those shells to keep the kids entertained. Continue reading

Banana Smoothie

bananasmoothieThis is a Banana Smoothie with a difference.  Ok so it’s not the most healthiest of smoothies but it tastes so yummy we can forgive just one little fault.

Throw the following in a blender to serve 4;

  • 1 large banana
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate topping
  • 2 cups vanilla ice-cream
  • 1 cup ice
  • 2 cups milk

Blend until nice and smooth (you will still have a few banana pieces but that’s a nice surprise).  If it is too thick just add more milk until you get the desired consistency.


Mum’s Lemon Tea

lemonteaThis tea is one of my all time favourites.  It was given to me so long a go that I can’t even remember who originally told me about it.  It has been my winter warmer as well as the perfect cold & flu soother.

  • 2 dessertspoons fresh lemon juice (about 1 lemon)
  • 2 dessertspoons of honey (substitute this for Manuka Honey if you have a cold)
  • Add boiling water plus a little cold so as not to burn your tongue.
  • Enjoy


How many of you out there have worried about that play-do you buy in the stores and what is it going to do to your child when they swallow it.  That same fear is the reason that for years I refused to buy my eldest daughter play-do.  Well here is a recipe that will give you peace of mind if it goes into your little ones mouth. Continue reading

Sausage Casserole

This recipe I got off my Aunt over 10 years ago and is so simple & easy to make and tastes delicious.

Pre-heat oven to 180°


  • 6-8 sausages
  • 3 large potatoes diced & cooked
  • 1 tin Mushroom Condensed Soup
  • 1 tin Champignons (optional) Continue reading

All-purpose Cleaner

This great All-purpose Cleaner has many uses and is not only light on the pocket but is also only 2 ingredients that you can get anywhere you are in the world not just Australia and if the tiny tots have a swig out of curiosity it will do no harm to them at all. Continue reading